CREC2020 with be held with CSPV together in Wuxi this November

During November 4th ~ 6th, the twelfth Chines Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition(CREC2020) and the sixteenth China SoG Silicon and PV Power Conference(CSPV)  will be hold together in Wuxi. This will be the first time for these two organizations working together. Both CREC and CSPV are well-know in china. CREC focus on Policy and market while CSPV concentrate on Technology and trends. This time, the joint meeting will bring a special feast for the new energy industry


CREC2020 will maintain the conference and exhibition at a high level. The exhibition plan to show the new products and technology of Solar PV, Intelligent Comprehensive Energy, Energy Storage, Hydrogen Energy, Industrial Park Energy Saving, and New Energy Vehicle Charging Pile; The conference will talking about the new policies, Development trend of advanced photo voltaic technology, new energy parity on the Internet, intelligent comprehensive energy services, market cultivation of incremental distribution network, and the development of hydrogen energy industry. 500 enterprises,300 speakers, 2,500 audiences, and 20,00 visitors will attend CREC2020.

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