Location:Main Forum

CREC 2019 Main Forum

Main Forum: 2019 Global Renewable Energy Industry Summit

Nov.7, 2019 Lan Ballroom, 1F, Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi

Part I Keynote Speech 1

The Next Decade: Change, Innovation and Breakthrough

Moderator: Mr. He Shuangquan Executive President of CREC Wuxi

President of Sun-tech


China Renewable Energy Industry Policy and New Development Direction

Mr. Zhu Ming

Director of New Energy & Renewable Energy Division, National Energy Administration


Application Prospect of Energy Storage & Power Generation System

Mr. Lu Qiang

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor and PhD Supervisor of Tsinghua University


The State Grid System’s Layout and Macro-control to the Energy Storage and Micro Grid Market


State Grid Corporation of China


Luncheon & Communication


Distributed Energy &Chinas 14th Five-Year Plan

Mr. Wang Zhongying

Deputy Director of Energy Research Institute National Development and Reform Commission


New Energy Industry Observation Under the Perspective of Finance

Mr. Zhan Jing 

General Manager of Far East Horizon Livelihood and Consumption Division

Executive Director of Shanghai Hongzuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


The Innovation of PV Power Generation Technology with the Goal of Parity

Mr. Shen Wenzhong

Professor and PhD Supervisor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Solar Energy Research Institute

Part II Top Talk 1-Sentiments: Political & Industry Leaders Talk

Moderator: Mr. Wang Jin Director of International Energy Research Institute, International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission



l Forecast of Chinas 14th Five-Year Energy Plan.

l How to Promote Energy Transition?

l How to Deal with the International Trade Barrier?

Mr. Zhu Aixun

Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, Jiangsu

Mr. Song Hongkun

Specialist of JiangSu Energy Regulatory Office of National Energy Administration

Mr. Li Junfeng

Director of China Energy Research Council Renewable Energy Committee

Mr. Gao Jifan

President of China PV Industry Association

CEO of Trina Solar


Mr. Jiang Xipei

Vice Chairman of China Enterprise Confederation

Vice Chairman of China Enterprise Directors Association

Chairman of Far East Group Board of Director

Mr. Shen Haoping

President of Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang Fengming

President of Sunport Power Corp., Ltd.

Mr. Lei Ting

President of Wuxi Sunocean Development Co., Ltd.

Mr. Shu Hua

President of Sumin Renewable Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

Mr. Duan Yuhe

President of Sineng Electric Co., Ltd.

Part III Top Talk 2-Inheritance: Young Entrepreneurs Talk

Moderator: Mr. Shi Zhengrong Academician of Australian Academy of Engineering

Doctor and Professor of University of New South Wales



l How to Innovate the Business Model?

l How to Expand the New Energy International Market?

l How to Ensure the Sustainable Development of the Industry?

Mr. Zhu Yufeng

Vice President of GCL Group

President of GCL Smart Energy Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xie Yi

President of Tongwei Co., Ltd.

Mr. He Jia

President of EAST

Mr. Jiang Chengzhi

President of FESE 

Mr. Wang Yiming

President of Ginlong Solis

Mr. Zhou Guangda

General Manager of Hangzhou First Applied Material Co., Ltd.

Mr. Lu Chuan

President of CHINT

Mr. Zhang Yong

President of AISWEI

Mr. Sun Jie

Vice President of Envision Energy Tech Co., Ltd.

President of TEESS

Part IV Top Talk 3-Transcend: Female Executives Talk

Moderator:Ms. Xu Tingting Vice President of Greater China Sector, TÜV Nord Group

Vice Chairwoman of WISE



l The development of new energy industry under the female perspective

l The Value of New Energy Industry Surpasses the Business

l The Upgrade of Talent Structure and Culture Property which the Industry is Facing


Ms. Xu Huijuan

Chairwoman of CCPIT Wuxi

Chairwoman of CCOIC Wuxi

Ms. Zhang Junjun

President of Wuxi Sunny Group

Ms. Dai Minjun

Executive Vice President of Hodo Group

General Manager of Jiangsu Hodo International Development Co., Ltd.

Ms. Hu Xiaojun

Vice President of AKCOME

Vice Chairwoman of WISE

Ms. Liu Qian

Vice President of AKCOME

Vice Chairwoman of WISE

Ms. Luo Xuxia

Senior Vice President of Youtaian Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

Ms. Cai Peiqi  

SAIC MAXUS Automotive Co., Ltd.

Signing Session of New Book by Mr. Zhao Zhenyuan & Mr. Zhang Xiaoping

17:30-18:30 Mei Ballroom, 1F, Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi

Theme Gala by EDRI & Award Ceremony – CREC 2019 China’s Top 10 Distributed PV Brands (Invited Guests)

18:30-21:00 Lan Ballroom , 1F, Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi


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