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Agenda of 2018 China Distributed PV Conference

2018 China Distributed PV Conference

2018 Jiangsu User-Side Energy Storage and Micro-Grid Application Conference & The 7th Jiangsu Yong Scientist Forum

Nov.2, 2018 Lan Ballroom A, 1F, Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi

Part I: Keynote Speech 1

Moderator: Mr. Xu Xianghua Deputy President of China Renewable Energy Council (Wuxi)


Present Situation and Prospect of China PV Industry

Mr. Wang Bohua

Secretary General of China PV Industry Association


Jiangsu Distributed PV, User Energy Storage System and Micro-Grid System Industry Policies

Mr. Tang Xuewen

Division Chief, New Energy Division, Jiangsu Bureau of Energy


Prospect of Small and Micro Commercial Distributed PV Market

Ms. Wang Shujuan

Founder of Smart PV


Improvement by Smart, Green and Integrated Energy Service on Enterprise Development

Mr. Sun Jie

Vice President of Envision Energy Tech Co., Ltd.

General Manager of Apollo PV


Analysis of Distributed PV Power Plant Design, Assembly, Operation and Maintenance through the Module Standards

Mr. An Chao

Business Manager of PV Power Station and System, T_V Rheinland


New EnergyNew World

Mr. Zhang Pingwu

Channel Director of Uniex PV Tech (China) Co., Ltd.



Smart Solar Distributed Solar Power Generation System Solution

Mr. Wang Xinxuan

East China Sector Manager of Solution Center, Sungrow Power Supply Co, Ltd.


Distributed Power Plant Intelligent Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance

Ms. Zhu Li

Operation and Maintenance Principal of Wuxi Sun-tech Yijia New Energy Co.,Ltd


Distributed PV Power Plant Design Transformation after the Implementation of “531” Policy

Ms. Qin Xiaolin

Deputy Manager of Sichuan Xiejia Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Part II: Keynote Speech 2

Moderator: Mr. Zhang Xinlin Vice-General Manager of BU, Beijing Tus-Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Management Specifications of Jiangsu User-Side Energy Storage System

Mr. Gu Wei

Power Engineer of Wuxi Power Supply Company


Exploration and Practice of GCL Energy Storage Industry

Mr. Zhang Yi

General Manager of Wuxi Guoxin Sales Co., Ltd., GCL


Design Analysis of Electrochemical Energy Storage Power Plants

Mr. Jiang Ke

Project Manager of Energy Storage Power Station Sector, Distribution Engineering Co., Ltd., China Energy Engineering Group Jiangsu Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.


Function and Selection of Energy Storage Inverters

Mr. Han Yongqian

Energy Storage Solution Manager of Sineng Electric Co., Ltd.


Commercial Prospect of Energy Storage System and Cases Analysis

Mr. Yu Jianhua

General Manager of Narada Power Co., Ltd.


Form and Application of User-Side Energy Storage Under Demands

Mr. Li Yang

Director of Jiangsu Power Demand Response Center

Professor of Southeast University


Cases of Testing and Certification for Solar and Energy Storage Business

Mr. Wang Xun

Director of Energy Storage Product Inspection Department, CPVT


Smart PV System and Key Components

Mr. Cai Shijun

President of Nanjing Youyite New Energy Co., Ltd.

Part III: Award Ceremony

Moderator: Mr. Zhu Gang Secretary General, China Renewable Energy Council (Wuxi)


CREC2018 Top 100 Distributed PV Suppliers Award Ceremony


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