Location:Main Forum

Agenda of Main Forum, CREC 2018

Main Forum: 2018 Global Renewable Energy Industry Summit

——New Energy Cities Mayor Forum

Nov.1, 2018 Lan Ballroom, 1F, Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi

Part I Keynote Speech 1: New Pattern, New Start, New Energy

Moderator: Mr. Yu Caizhi Senior Vice President of The Eleventh Design & Research Institute of IT Co., Ltd.

General Manager of EDRI New Energy Investment


Energy Transformation and New Energy System

Mr. Zhou Xiaoxin

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Honorary President and Chief Engineer of China Electric Power Research Institute


Present Situation and Development of Casting Mono-crystalline

Mr. Yang Deren

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Director of State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials

Director of Institute of Semiconductors


India’s New Energy Market and Policy Analysis

Mr. C. Narasimhan

President of India Solar Association

Part II Keynote Speech 2: New Pattern, New Start, New Energy

ModeratorMr. He Shuangquan Executive President of CREC Wuxi

President of Sun-tech


Development of China PV Industry Under the Expectation of Grid Parity

Mr. Shi Zhengrong

Academician of Australian Academy of Engineering

Doctor and Professor of University of New South Wales


PV Leading Base Promoting Industrial Development

Mr. Wang Shuo

Post Doctor of New Energy Department, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute


PV “Help-the-Poor” Policy and Thinking

Mr. Zhang Xinsheng

Cadre of Industrial Development Department, Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council

 Part III Top Talk 1: Urban and New Energy

Moderator: Mr. Wang Jin Director of International Energy Research Institute, International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission



l Urban New Energy Industry Development Plan

l Urbanization and New Energy Application

l Urban Integrated Energy Solutions

Mr. Zhu Aixun

Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, Jiangsu

Mr. Li Yongjun

Municipal Committee, Executive Deputy Mayor of Jiuquan, Gansu

Mr. Deng Sitao 

Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of Yan’an, Shaanxi

Mr. Ni Jiayu

Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of Erdos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Mr. Zhang Kaiying

Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of Yulin, Shaanxi

Mr. Li Weiyang

Vice President of State Grid Energy Research Institute

President of State Grid (Suzhou) City & Energy Research Institute

Mr. Li Junfeng

Director of China Energy Research Council Renewable Energy Committee

Mr. Gao Jifan

President of China PV Industry Association

CEO of Trina Solar

Mr. Zhao Zhenyuan

Chairman of China Information Industry Trade Association-New Energy Sector

Representative of The Eleventh Design & Research Institute of IT Co., Ltd.

Part IV Top Talk 2: Roadmap of Grid Parity

Moderator: Mr. Duan Yuhe President of Sineng Electric Co., Ltd.



l Terrestrial PV Plant Vs. Distributed PV Plant

l Opportunities for Private Enterprises

l Innovation of Green Finance

Mr. Shen Haoping

President of Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Mr. Shu Hua 

Vice President of GCL Group

President of Golden Concord Holdings Limited

Mr. Lin Jinxi 

Chairman of Changzhou PV Association

President of Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhu Jianhong  

General Manager of CMEC-GL Wuxi New Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Mr. Gu Yilei 

Vice President of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.

President Doctor of PV Energy Storage Sector


Mr. Tan Zaixing

Vice President of Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited


Mr. Zhang Yong

President of SMA China

Mr. Song Yu

General Manager of Uniex PV Tech (China) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yang Zhaohui

President of Wuxi LongMax Technology Co., Ltd.


Part V Top Talk 3: Integration of Wind Energy, Solar, Storage and Charging

Moderator: Ms. Xu Tingting Vice President of Greater China Sector, T_V Nord Group



l Participation in Power Sale Markets

l PV Energy Storage System Vs. Micro-Grid System

l Breakthrough of Key Technologies

l Decrease of Cost

Mr. Lei Ting

President of Wuxi Sunocean Development Co., Ltd.

Ms. Qi Yongmei

President of Jiangsu Zhenfa Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yang Erguan 

President, General Manager of Wuxi Renewable Energy Park Development Co., Ltd.

Mr. Guo Pintao

Director of New Energy Vehicle and Charging Committee, China Renewable Energy Council (Wuxi)

General Manager of Wuxi Public Utilities New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sun Jie

Vice President of Envision Energy Tech Co., Ltd.

General Manager of Apollo PV

Ms. Luo Xuxia

General Manager of Qianhai Mintaian Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

Mr. Li Jun

Vice President of Sunport Power Co., Ltd.

President of Nanjing Xiaolan Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yu Jianhua

General Manager of Narada Power Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhou Jin

Principal of Siemens Energy Management Group PV Sector

CREC 10th Anniversary Gala & Award Ceremony _ CREC2018 China’s Top 10 Distributed PV Brands (Invited Guests)

19:30-21:00 Wuxi Grand Theatre


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