The 10th Chinese Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition has completed its strategical transform and update

After the release of new policy, most ofthe companies are suffering the confusion of the industry future. In order to seek more opportunities, companies start to consider the strategical transform.


Ms. Li Jinghua,Vice President of China Energy Research SocietyCERS has attended the Jiangsu Energy Storage Forum which has been held at Wuxi Xing-Zhou Industrial Park with the representatives from other organizations and companies on the 28th of June. The hold of the forum reflects that the Chinese Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition is entering the energy storage field, which is going to be the trend of the industry future development.


With the combination of the wind power, new energy vehicle and charging pile related companies, the Chinese Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition has become the first integrative professional exhibition in Jiangsu province. CREC2018 will be held from the 1st to 3rd of November this year at Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center with the support of National Energy AdministrationNEA, CCPIT, the Government of Jiangsu and CERS as usual.


Internationally, CREC2018 will continually invite entrepreneurs and governmental representatives from the emerging new energy markets like India and Mexico and also from the traditional markets such as European countries, America and Japan.


In detail, being positioned as “China One-Stop Purchasing Platform for Distributed Energy”, CREC2018 will set 4 exhibition halls with a total area of 40,000 square meters. At the exhibition,visitors can find the products and technology within the entire PV industry chain, the distributed energy, the distributed wind power, the energy storage, the new energy vehicle and charging pile fields. Till now, around thirty well-known companies and organizations have send their confirmation of the attendance.


The committee will also arrange high level forums as usual, the main forum will invite speakers from NEA, the Jiangsu Government, CERS, and other companies and official organizations to make the discussion focuses on topics of New Energy industry policy directionmarket development and technology trends, and so on. Moreover, the sub-forums will be arranged based on the energy storage, the development of new energy vehicles, the trends of PV cell development and so on separately.


We are sincerely looking forward to your attendance at the beginning of November this year in Wuxi.

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