Nur Bekri: Development direction of the National Energy Administration

In order to clarify the significant status of energy to the sustainable development of China’s society and how the energy working group will fulfill the new mission and achieve the new goal based on the guidance of the 19th National Congress, Nur Bekri, deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission, and head of theNational Energy Administration has given his opinion in the interview.


When asked about the recent energy development of our country, Nur Bekri says that our country is going through the role transformation from a participant or contributor to a leader of global energy governance since the 18thNational Congress. However, in spite of the positive side, we are also facing the profoundly changing environmental situation and the most instability and indeterminacy factors for China’s energy development.


When talking about how the energy industry implements the guidance of the 19th National Congress, Nur Bekri states that viewing theoverall situation, the 19th National Congress has made some significant strategies and set the direction for energy development. Guided bythe 19th National Congress, the core mission for the energy industry is promoting a steady and further development for the new energy security strategy.


During the 19th National Congress, it is reported that a clean, secure and high-efficient energy system should be constructed for our country. In order to illustrate howthe National Energy Administration can satisfy this requirement, Nur Bekri states that they will build seven subsystems theoretically and implement six projects practically to ensure that the clean, secure and high-efficient system can be created.


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