A Forecast of Renewable Energy Vehicles' Future Development By Mr. Jiang Bing

Recently, Mr. Jiang Bing, the president of State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. gives a speech on the future development of renewable energy vehicles.


Mr. Jiang looks about 10 decades back upon the history of automobile industry development andalso predicts the future of it. Along with the improvement of human civilization to an intelligentized and digitized era, automobile industry is believed to enter this kind of epoch as well during the21st century which means a large-scale development of electric vehicles is just within sight.


When talking about the prospect of electric vehicles’ taking the place of fuel vehicles, Mr. Jiang indicates that considering the development of electric vehicle industry, it is predicted that hopefully the sale of fuel vehicles will be controlled at 10%-20% till the year 2030.


Finally, Mr. Jiang describes four significant events that should be kept an eye on in the year 2020.

The first one is so called “Equal price for electric and fuel”, which means the electric and fuel vehicles will be given the same price.

The second one is that PV will be the cheapest energy in the market around the year 2020.

The third one is that the power storage problem will be further solved till the year 2020.

Last but not the least, the faster 5G willbe paid more attention to till 2020.


At the end of the speech, Mr. Jiang also illustrates their plan for the future development.


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