China National Energy Administration's New Announcement

On the 26th of Feb, 2018, the National Energy Administration has announced the Energy Operating Guide for 2018. Included in the guide, there are 8 main points focus on the recommendation of energy operating in the year 2018.


1.     Guideline and target

2.  Accelerating the development of green energy, stimulating the harmonious coexistence of human and nature

3.    Deepening the structure reform of energy supplier and enhancing the quality and efficiency of energy providing

4.  Deeply implementing the innovation-driven strategy and completing the transform of motive force of energy development

5.     Reinforcing the level of benefitting the people to achieve a happier life within energy domain

6.    Expanding the energy international cooperation and guaranteeing the energy safety

7.       Enhancing the management of energy industry

8.       Significant energy projects in 2018


More details of this guide have been uploaded to the website of National Energy Administration: www.nea.gov.cn.

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